What is Revolution Church?

Revolution Church is a community of men and women dedicated to following and worshiping the God of the Bible. We are a group of people who recognize and are honest about our brokenness, our messiness, and our sin. But more importantly, we recognize and believe that Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for our sin and that he will never give up on fixing what is broken in us.

Who is Revolution for?

Everyone is welcome with us. Whether you grew up going to church or you've never set foot in one, we want you. Revolution Church exists as a safe place for people who have had bad experiences with church, know nothing about Jesus, or have been faithful followers of Jesus for years. Our community is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in knowing more about God regardless of who they are, where they're at now, or where they've been in the past.

Jesus welcomed all who would come to him. How could we not do the same? Come as you are. 

What Does Revolution Church do?

We meet every Sunday evening to worship God together by hearing teaching from the Bible and singing songs about who God is and what he has done for us. We also gather throughout the week in Small Groups to grow closer to God as well as growing closer to one another. 

Our goal is to produce disciples of Jesus who are radically dedicated to being like him and fulfilling his command to make more disciples. We do our best to accomplish this by reaching out in aid to local communities in order to tell them about the love of God found in Jesus.

When and Where is Revolution Church?

Where we meet

1702 6th Street

Portsmouth, OH 45662

(Brick Church on the corner of 6th and Brown, says Gateway Church)

Service Time

Sunday evenings at 6 PM

Yep, you read that right. We only meet as a congregation on Sunday evenings.